main iconInstant Delivery
Start using your proxies the moment you purchase.
main icon175+ locations
Generate proxies across the globe. All website types are supported.
main icon18M + Pools
Millions of proxy pools at your disposal. Generate thousands at once with ease.
main iconExclusive Pools
Proxy pools catered to specific websites, guaranteed to increase success rates.
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Our team is dedicated to providing you with everything you could need. We are always available for assistance.
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Access to our private Discord server, with community chats, custom tools, and release information.

Plans and Pricing

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase Thermal Proxies?

Proxy plans are available exclusively to members who are in the private discord. Opportunities to join are given through limited groupbuys and social media.

What type of proxies do you offer?

We currently offer two vastly different residential proxy plans. They are both top of the line, and simply the most effective available. Stay tuned to our social media and Discord Server for updates regarding new products and tools.

How long does it take to receive my proxies?

All proxies are instant delivery. They will be located on your dashboard, available to generate anytime you want. During high traffic, some orders may be slightly delayed.

How do I use my proxies after purchase?

Refer to the documentation available in our Discord server after you have purchased your proxies. Your dashboard will automatically update, and proxies will be available instantly.

Where can I seek further support?

Any further support will be handled in our discord via our ticket system.

Where can I stay updated?

Follow our social media @ThermalProxies and turn on notifications.